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Discussion in 'Altcoin Discussions and Support' started by TheFoes, Aug 5, 2017.

  1. TheFoes

    TheFoes New Member

    hi there admin,

    why no payment from your server. MUE no Payment. i got AMS also no payment. can you check now?

    my AMS wallet : aYfU2SjEmjqk88B1YRZjYRA8DnaHA9Ncxc

    so is there something wrong with this? can pls check your pool.. thanks.
  2. cqsjms

    cqsjms New Member

    I have the same problem´╝îAdministrator, come and solve the problem´╝üIt's worrying
  3. Coryvmcs1

    Coryvmcs1 Administrator Staff Member

    These should have been resolved. We had to migrate servers as the old one was problematic after the exploit.

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