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Welcome to the Rolsu.com Bitcoin Hotels Booking website.

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Rolsu, Jul 26, 2017.

  1. Rolsu

    Rolsu New Member

    Dear minertopia users, we are pleased to present you worldwide hotels booking service Rolsu.com

    Rolsu.com already accept Bitcoin. All reservations are made easy and automatically, vouchers send directly to customers email.

    Soon we will connect to our payment gateway: Dash, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple.

    Rolsu.com do not accept credit/debit card. Only CryptoCurrency.

    We coverage all country and now available for booking around 80.000 hotels around the world. Top travel destination for sure Thailand.

    Customer Service working 24/7 or by email: support@rolsu.com

    Next month we also launch an affiliate program for all webmasters with instant withdrawal affiliate commission directly to bitcoin wallet.

    For webmaster who want join in our affiliate program and help us for testing platform, please send your enquires to support@rolsu.com

    We believe in a light and bright bitcoin future in the travel industry.

    We also answer questions in this forum thread!

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